Monday, February 10, 2014


"Every good and perfect gift is from above..."  James 1:17

Boys, sitting still, and waiting aren’t typically a winning combination. But on this particular day, my three guys’ behavior seemed impeccable. They sat and they waited and then they listened.  They weren’t really listening to me because I was fairly quiet, only adding an occasional polite response to a woman who had decided to relay some of her life wisdom on me that afternoon.  I have no idea what her name was, but can we just call her “Marge”? Marge had seen my boys, commented on how handsome they were and then launched into a fifteen minute diatribe on how boys were good, but girls, oh my, girls, they are something else.  And how I must, I simply must have one.   I knew she meant well.  Marge was proud of the girls in her own life and wanted me to experience some of the girl-filled wonder she had.  

I sat and listened, nodding and smiling.  Marge had made it sound so easy--as if I could just go through a drive-thru and order one.  One little girl please, pigtails, extra sugar, hold the attitude. 

I made eye contact with one of my guys which he returned with an eye roll.  Another offered a half grin. They knew.  This wasn’t their first time hearing the “Girls are Golden” speech from someone.  They’ve heard it from cashiers, waitresses, salesmen, you name it.  They also knew that when we got home I would hug them and assure them I’m thrilled to be a mommy to three boys.

Marge made a good argument that day.  She was exactly right.  Girls are simply wonderful.  

I know because I had one.  I have one.  My daughter, my girl, Kelsey Wynn. And this is her story.

*This post is the first in the series, "Kelsey's Story."  Thanks for reading.

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